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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Red - by Ted Dekker

“The Stakes of the mind-bending story spun in Black are raised to a new level in Red. In one world, Thomas Hunter must lead a small, highly trained force of 30,000 against an unstoppable army of a million warriors. In the other he will face an evil beyond the scope of his imagination.”

Book two of Ted Dekker’s “Circle Trilogy” takes the hero Thomas Hunter deeper into his “dream world.” Here we find that Thomas has been living, dreamless, in the world of Elyon for 15 years. While only eight years have passed on Earth. The Plague has been release in several cities all over the world with no antidote and a madman at the helm of it all.
The followers of Elyon now live in the seven forests and fight to protect these holy sites from the Horde. During this time Thomas of Hunter has been training the "Forest Gaurd" ans has become the supreme commander. He is loved by his people, and feared the Horde.
As the story unfolds Ted Dekker unveils further mystery and intrigue which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

I dare not reveal too much here for “Red” is a pivoting point for both “Black” and the final book “White.”
Click here for a video trailer for "Red."
Click here for an mp3 audio readiing for "Red."

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