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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breaking A Sunbeam - Geoff Hunter

Just how far would you go for the person you loved? Jake proves hard to beat with his steadfast love for Kay in this action-packed, horror-tinged thriller.

In response to his wife's ransom kidnapping following a robbery-gone-awry, Jake agrees to assist a trio of law-evading gun-wielders in their leader Juel's quest to seek revenge on the enemies of her past. But what seems like a simple house-burning leads straight into a chain of shoot-outs and murders that even CSI would be puzzled by. And while the plot seems relatively straight-forward, the inner turmoil of each character is anything but.

The book starts off a bit slow, but much like a rollercoaster ride, once it reaches the top and starts speeding downward, the speed picks up and it will be hard to put down. The details of each person's past tribulations make for gruesome, Krueger-ready altercations, including a medieval approach to beheading. Those particular parts may not mix well with your lunch.

That aside, Hunter's twisted tale of tested love is worth a read. Those who favor Tom Clancy's writing will love the minute-by-minute gun-shooting action, while those who favor a unbreakable love story will enjoy the story's underlying drive. A great novel, just begging for a sequel.


Liz said...

My husband has always loved Tom Clancy, so I'm going to be sure to recommend this one to him. I've been reading "Unholy Domain" by Dan Ronco, a tech thriller set not in the here and now, but in the future, when civilization has crumbled after a computer virus has devastated America and the world. There are competing groups -- those who would seek to eliminate computers and return to a "simpler" time," and the Domain, a secret society of technologists developing an artificial intelligence with the ability to seize control of the Internet and all computers. Add a gifted, trouble young man who discovers his father was a hero, not the one who unleashed the computer virus, and you've got a fast-paced thriller in the tradition of Michael Crichton. Give it a read; "Unholy Domain" has all the great action of a thriller and the heart of great science fiction.

T.C. Robson said...

That definitely sounds like a good book. I'll look into it - thanks, Liz!