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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

The Friday Night Knitting Club

by Kate Jacobs

At Walker & Doughter, Georgia, a single mother runs a knitting shop - a business she started with help of a benefactor and new friend. As the years go by, the shop succeeds and her daughter grows into a young woman, A Club forms on Friday nights where her customers gather to knit and help one another and talk. The Club becomes a place of more than knitting, as the women talk about life, love and projects.

Unexpectedly, Georgia's life changes drastically as two estranged people re-enter her life - her best friend in school and the father of her daughter. At the same time, life's changes come to the regular members of the Club and love, divorce, marriage, birth and death visit the members.

Through the trials, tribulations, joys and love, the members always have knitting to tie them together - the love of the yarn, the stitches and the process knit them together.

This is a very enjoyable read. The characters are rich and believeable and the plot as varied as life's changes make it.

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Debba said...

I had the opportunity to interview KATE JACOBS for my podcast at She is fabulous! So nice and fun to talk with. She shared about her new book "Comfort Food" as well as her knitting, friends, etc.

Thanks! Debba /