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Friday, September 19, 2008

Port of Entry: Agents and Lovers - John P. Lintz, Sr.

24, it ain't.

John P. Lintz, Sr. tries, he really does. But not much can be saved from this clustered mess of a story. All the happenings are so muddled together, the book loses most all its purpose less than twenty chapters in (and they are short chapters).

We've got JJ, a former pro soccer player, who becomes an agent paired with Mexican beauty Elena for a mission something. Then, somewhere in the mix, a David Koresh wannabe (despite what he says) runs a sorry excuse for a religious movement just so he can smoke some dope and get laid. Oh, wait - then it switches to a fire fight between the rogue Zetas and some other people who have a deadly dislike for their commander. Bang, bang, four are dead, and instanteous new lovebirds JJ and Elena are assigned to take fingerprints and photographs of the corpses wile resisting any chance opportunity to have sex...okay, and we're back to the Koresh dude, who's been found out...

I just couldn't sort through the mess of tales to find the core purpose of the book. The stories have potential and Lintz had a great idea going, but he just couldn't their unfolding as well as I had hoped.

Sorry, JJ - you're no Jack Bauer. Head off with Elena and find something else to do for a while.


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Anonymous said...

Lol their is a soccer player with the same name as the writter...