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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum

A book about zombie written in bite sized chunks. It's just as simple as three simple lines of five syllables, then seven, and finally five more. It's powerful little morsels of story telling. "Zombie Haiku" is both a unique concept and a brilliantly fresh take on an horror genre mainstay. It's such a good idea that I wish that I had come up with it first, and it's such a good execution of the idea that I searched bookstores all over town until I finally got a copy of my own.

It takes 139 pages to tell this story. Most of the pages have two or three and sometimes four haiku. A few are filled with hand scrawled text. This is a story that was written into a poetry journal by a man after a plague has turned most everyone into zombies. The poetry journal belonged to someone else that had undergone "the change". It only takes one sitting to read this book from cover to cover. Of all the things that haunt me after reading this story, the weirdest has to be that it was written by a youth pastor at a Presbyterian church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

To be sure, "Zombie Haiku" will never be put on display beside ANY of the masters of Japanese literature. Seriously, how many of those ancient masters would have paired brains and artificial hips in verse, much less an entree?

Some, if not most, of the "haiku" in this book aren't even formal haiku, but 100% of these haiku-shaped stanzas are punchy, provocative, or funny. What's more is - all of them taste great and are less filling. If you want a smile, bite into this book today!

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