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Thursday, July 16, 2009

End of Grace - K. Thomas Murphy

Of all the letters the Post Office could, and often does, lose, it couldn't be these multiple thousands, now could it?

Assistant Kay Summers works for the Mormon Church...even if her belief is a little wary. Hey, it's a job, and a relatively easy one until an influx of letters spouting religious conversions of deceased Mormons drives her to Portland, the locale from which the letters are mailed. Oddly enough, little is found, except the name of a publishing company that maintains the website of the church in question, dubbed the Disciples of Moroni.

The two guys behind the company, computer-happy Rick Macey and pal Clay Adams, are the only connections available between the Church of the Latter-Day Saints and the Disciples of Moroni, and negotiations between the churches to stop the conversions seem to be working well (in the latter's favor)...until the assassination attempts start. It then becomes a race against time to find a civil solution to the matter before Kay, Rick, Clay, or even the Mormon higher-ups are placed before the crosshairs.

Thrilling and riveting, End of Grace presents a series of tribulations intertwined well into a heavily religious, but non-preachy, read. The deep motive behind Rick and Clay's actions give the story a multi-faceted perspective on overall religion and beliefs. A fascinating tale with twists and turns to satisfy almost every group of reader.


Anonymous said...

One of the best books I have read in a while. Very well written and right on the money.
It's fiction , yes. But it nails the phoniness of the mormon church to a tee.
I am sending emails to all my friends and recommend this book.

( I live in Idaho.... he He )

Good Books to Read said...

Murhpy is my favorite author and as always, he has done a great job.