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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dreamer - Phillip Davidson

Let's just say there's a whole new meaning to the word 'haunting'.

Phillip Davidson crafts an interesting tale revolving around former Green Beret David and his wife Sunny, who, following a disruptive bout of recollective dreams and nightmares her husband experiences, is taken hostage in Argentina. It is this that brings together David and his former Vietnam teammates together one more time - along with the encouragement of an assumed dead comrade, of course. The reluctant allies, using a stolen helicopter, traverse across the world to save Sunny, and one of the men along for the ride has other ideas for their adventure...

Though slow to start, the story grasps the reader later on, when David advances beyond having just strange delusions recalling a failed hit on a close target and begins to bring his associates, both allied and rivaled, into the mix. The story stays strong throughout, but maintains a lot of unresolved issues towards the end once it begins completely focusing on Sunny's rescue. But, much of the tale is very realistic and draws off of Davidson's own experiences as an infantry captain. An interesting tale to be appreciated not for the end, but for the journey to it.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very good book. Thank you for the suggestion.

Nicholas Sparks Books said...

Oustanding book, one of my favorites.