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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini

The Master Quilter

By Jennifer Chiaverini

ISBN-10: 0452284686

Book 6 in the Elm Creek Quilts Series

Sylvia quietly plans her wedding without her friends knowledge. When her friends discover her secret, they begin one of their own. Her friends wish to honor Sylvia and Andrew with yet another surprise - a wedding quilt. They contact former Elm Creek Quilt Campers to get the 140 squares needed for the quilt. They wait in secretive anticipation for the sqaures to arrive so that they can assemble the quilt.

The secrecy is deeper than the topic of the quilt and the secrets in the lives of these friends threaten to tear apart the unity and friendship that they have so enjoyed. They once again relearn the lessons that we all need to be reminded of - honestly, loyalty and friendship.

Book 1 - A Quilter's Apprentice

Book 2 - Round Robin

Book 3 - The Cross-Country Quilters

Book 4 - The Runaway Quilt

Book 5 - The Quilter's Legacy

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