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Monday, May 21, 2007

A Quilter's Legacy by Jennifer Chiaverini

A Quilter's Legacy
By Jennifer Chiaverini

ISBN-10: 0452284678

Book 5 in the Elm Creek Quilts Series

The continued interweaving of history, quilting, families and friends continues in this volume.

Sylvia begins a search for her Mother's quilts - quilts sold by her sister decades before. In searching for the quilts she uncovers more of the family history, including the flu epidemic of 1918. Her search leads her on a cross-country journey with the man she has come to love and wishes to marry.

While the search was begun to find the quilts, what Sylvia finds is the history of her Mother's life that she knew little of. She also learns that love is not impossible despite her age, though others acceptance of it might be more challenging, just as it was for her mother.

Book 1 - A Quilter's Apprentice
Book 2 - Round Robin
Book 3 - The Cross-Country Quilters
Book 4 - The Runaway Quilt

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