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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hellgate London: Exodus by Mel Odom

Publisher: Pocket Star

ISBN-10: 1416525793
ISBN-13: 978-1416525790

In the year 2038, London lies in ruins. Demons are invading our world. The Royal Army has been almost totally destroyed. The fate of the world is in the hands of a small group of dedicated warriors.

The Knights Templar were destroyed hundreds of years ago, or so they let the world believe. They have existed in hiding. Leading an underground existence, they have trained and prepared for this moment for generations. But even this outstanding group of warriors was not prepared for the total onslaught of the demons.

Simon Cross grew up training to be a Templar but lost his faith. Simon no longer believed in demons. He turned his back on the Templar path and traditions. Abandoning his father and the only life he has ever known, Simon left the London underground and headed for South Africa. When the demons do invade, he is not there to fight alongside the Knights. He was not there to say goodbye to his father, who died in a desperate attack on the demon hordes.

Simon does everything in his power to get back to London and join the fight. But his former brothers in arms think he is a traitor and may not want him back.

Warren Schimmer has lived his life in misery. Friendless, Warren has learned that the world is his enemy. Warren has lived his life from moment to moment, never giving much of himself, never expecting help or kindness from the world. Warren has been a victim for most of his life, but he has a secret.

Warren is one of the few humans that can use the magic the demons have released into the world. As he grows on power, he is drawn into the world of the Cabalists. The Cabalists have been preparing for the demons to return to our world, but they desire to control the demons and the powers they wield. Soon, Warren is brought into contact with Merihem, a powerful demon with plans to become the most preeminent power on our world.

The two men wind up leading the different groups and soon are in opposition. The Templars seek to find a way to drive the demons from Earth and rescue humanity. The Cabalists seek to gain the demon's powers and rule the world.

Hellgate London: Exodus is based off the the video game Hellgate London. Exodus is an intriguing blend of fantasy and science fiction, with plenty of excitement. I normally do not like books based off of video games, but this one hooked me. You can count on me buying the next two books. Simon Cross is a hero in search of redemption. He has always been a man tilting at his personal windmills and when the demons invade, he comes into his birthright. Simon cross is simply a hero, a paladin on a quest to save humanity. He has a problem with authority and has a habit of going his own way. He is a character that I can identify with, and that is a large part of why I enjoyed the book so much.


Sevenine said...

Oh, this sounds really good. I'm looking into this one.

Anonymous said...

I'll be getting this one for sure!Good review Ron!