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Friday, September 7, 2007

The Omen by David Seltzer

The Omen is a book about the Anti-Christ and how he is born into the living world. I do go to church though I’m not a Bible prophecy expert. I don’t think the story follows the book of Revelation all that close. Consult with your local Pastor for guidance.

The Omen opens with up and coming Presidential hopeful Robert Thorn flying to Italy for the birth of their son. Upon arriving at the hospital he discovers the “death” of his child. Fearing a mental brake-down by his wife, he takes the offer of substituting an orphan child named Damien for his blood child.

As the child grows, strange things start to happen. The first of which is his nanny committing suicide by hanging herself from the rooftop at Damien’s birthday party. Then a distraught Priest with a shadowy past attempts to convince Robert Thorn that Damien is the Son of Satan and according to legend has to be killed in a church with the seven daggers of Meggado.

The story amps up with creepy action all the way through. It’s a short read and has some pics from the movie inserted for visuals. If you’ve seen the movie don’t bother with reading the book, but if you’re planning on watching the movie, I’d read the book first. There are some things in the book that will help you understand the movie a bit better.

Not the best book I’ve read and it sure doesn’t belong with the Left Behind series if that’s your style. It’s predictable and has some dragging spots but I think that adds a bit to the creepy-ness.


Sevenine said...

This sounds like a quick, interesting read. My father is a huge fan of the Left Behind series, so he probably wouldn't find it worthwhile. Thanks for the review on this! Love the blog!

Sevenine said...

Thanks for the comments! I don't write a lot of book reviews (can't read that fast because of college work), but when I get my next one, I'll let you guys know! :D

And yes, you're right...over the past six years, it seems the nation has been splitting apart again as a country. It's sad, and every little reminder of the fateful day only helpful put that needed unification into people's minds once more.

Anonymous said...

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