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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell

Enemy of God is the second book in the Warlord trilogy by Bernard Cornwell. It continues with story of Arthur as written by Derfel, a Christian monk who was previously a Druid warrior in Arthur's employ.

The story continues where The Winter King left off. We follow southern Britain and the tragedies, successes, love and treacheries that occur to our main characters: Derfel, Arthur, Lancelot and others.

The author takes the reader through a wide range of emotions that completely immerse you into the story. I found myself in tears at one point, at a tragedy.

The title refers to Arthur, who, from the early legends, is thought to have been a follower of the Druid religion. In southern Britain, in the time of this story, the Druids were fighting very hard to maintain their religion against the Christian monks, who were heavily converting the British to Christianity. Again, in this book, much of the dynamic, contrast and even humor comes from the conflict between the two religions.

Again, I highly recommend this series to anyone. It is at times barbaric (because it is set in the Dark Ages) but is a wonderful tapestry of what the legend of Arthur may have been like.

Book three is called Excaliber, and I will be reading it next.