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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Storm Front is the first book in The Dresden Files.

Imagine Raymond Chandler writing a detective story that features a wizard in modern Chicago and you have the idea behind Jim Butcher's series.

Harry Dresden is low on money when the Chicago P.D. brings him in on a case. A double murder has been committed with black magic. One problem for Harry is that he is a suspect. The bigger problem is the black mage behind the murders knows Harry's name. When a black mage knows your name, he can use his magic to kill you.

This book is a definite page turner as Harry races the clock to see if he can stop the black mage before he gets killed.

Fans of the books in the Hard Case Crime line will enjoy this series. Any fan looking for a good series will be hooked from the start of this story.



T.C. said...

Sounds interesting!

michele said...

Loved the book and your review too.I'm now reading the rest of the series.

Ruach said...

This series has been my favorite since 2003 and it only gets better. Jim Butcher evidently outlined out where it would be going for the next 20 books or so therefore their are these fabulous arcs and character developement that gets me engrossed in a way I hadn't thought possible.

This is probably a no-no for those who only enjoy the printed word but I must say that I am totaly over the moon with the audio books of the Dresden Files produced by Buzzy Multimedia and narrated by James Marsters.

I had caught up with the series and was waiting for Jim Butcher's print publisher to give us more of the Dresden Files when I came across the audio books and was reluctant to get them because I just never realy listen to audio books. Well those clever people over at the publisher's website let you download the first few chapters of any of their books for free and I love free so I did and was hooked. Thank you Jim Butcher, thank you James Marsters, and thank you Buzzy Multimedia :)