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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ringside, 1925: Views from the Scopes Trial - Jen Bryant

One of the most controversial and compelling issues the world has seen is covered in this fictionalized recapturing of the trial that made the world think twice about religion and science: The State of Tennessee vs. J. T. Scopes, also known as the Scopes Trial.

Written in poetic prose, Jen Bryant tells the views of several townspeople, including open-minded youngsters and stern-believing adults, as the trial unfolds in the courts of their small town of Dayton, Tennessee. The unshakable resolve in some and lingering faith in others will cause even the most steadfast of believers to think twice about the situation.

Bryant's straight-forward writing exemplifies the '20s, while the lax format allows even the most uninformed to delve into this book with interest and curiosity. The situation of the trial, Christianity versus Darwin's evolution, may cause some Christian parents to raise an eyebrow if their child checked it out, but it doesn't favor one side or the other; rather, it subtly teaches the American right to religious freedom and acceptance. Some characters stay adamant about their beliefs, while others walk away with a newfound knowledge of themselves and others. An quick, but powerful read.

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Anonymous said...

see this is the problem with religion, denial of science and complete and utter refusal to accept new ideas