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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Winds of Asharra - Volume 1: First-flight by R Leigh

R. Leigh has written a good book once you open yourself up to what's acceptable in writing and the host of invented words. At first I felt, as a parent, hard to wrap my mind around the concept of two 18 year old college students, Victor and Zoe, being swept away to another world where there was no clothing of any kind. But considering that this is written in as a "Twilight Zone" meet "Star Trek" then you can relax your morals and enjoy the story.
Who would not enjoy living in a sensual world that has no clocks or calenders? No bathrooms to clean, no banks or money. No vehicles or pollution? Everybody on Asharra helps each other and works together. If you need or want anything, you barter for it.
"Visitors" arrive from time to time that are from toher worlds, yet they are not made to feel like outsiders. just because they may look different.
As you follow the story, you will experience joy as well as sadness as they journey from the comfortable world they have always known to teh new and unique world of Asharra. They follow their hearts and find love and true friendship and learn that what you see with your eyes is not always what you see with your heart.
Guest Reviewer- Marijon Logan-Duncan

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R. Leigh said...

We're very glad that you enjoyed reading the Winds of Asharra and thank you for your review. Hopefully, you will get a chance to post this at since we would really appreciate you sharing your opinion with others there. Being a sci-fi/fantasy book by a new unknown author and published by a small press means that getting the word out about WOA is especially difficult! Again, thank you for your opinions and review. Much luck and success with your site!!