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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blue Jean Baby - Sally Palmer

If, at any point, you've believed today's rock stars and starlets to be the pioneers of sexual promiscuity among themselves and their fans, all you have to do is look back to the 60s' to be proven wrong.

Sally Palmer takes the reader on a wild ride through the music scene of the era, dominated by the Beatles and the Stones. No detail is spared as she, in efforts to escape her mother's heavy drinking and find her own identity in her early teens, follows her first love Ringo Starr from performance to performance, looking into new and creative ways to get ever closer to the music-makers that inspire her. Through these seemingly innocent adventures with her 'network' of groupies come unexpected firsts and evaded encounters with the law, every one of which would make a devout Jonas Brothers fan seem like a sedate hermit.

Through every bad relationship, unexpected pregnancy (and abortion to follow), wild night of sex, and drinking game comes a lesson few others can say they've learned firsthand - the 60s were an era like no other in the existence of music and set the standard for today's Coldplays and every single detail.

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Palmer writes great books.