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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cookie - Lisa Woomer

You know, my parents always told me for all the macaroni and cheese I ate, I'd eventually turn into one big noodle. Well, take that concept to heart here...

Little Catherine Jenkins loves cookies. Actually, 'love' is too subtle an adjective. 'Worships' probably works better in this case. Cookies are what Catherine, nicknamed Cookie (I'll give you three guesses why), eats for every single meal, as well as dessert and snacks. Her parents are worried, of course, that she's not eating the healthy foods they would prefer her diet consist of, and have even resorted to coating broccoli in icing and sprinkles to tempt her. (An unsuccessful attempt, to note.)

But Catherine begins to get worried when she notices a trail of cookie crumbs constantly marking her trail behind her. She begins to wonder even more when a myriad of animals begin to follow her everywhere she goes. Enough becomes enough when a dog takes a nice big bite out of her leg...which has turned into a cookie! With her parents' help, can Catherine return to normal again?

An adorably written and illustrated story, Cookie can be useful in teaching kids to eat healthier foods...though putting forth the ultimatium that they do that or become a walking cookie is a little strange, in my opinion. But hey, whatever works.

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Legends of Dune said...

Cookie was an amazing book, great job by Woomer.