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Friday, April 20, 2007

Charon's Landing by Jack Du Brul

De Brul's second book brings us back into Phillip Mercer's world. Mercer is a highly paid and respected geologist who happens to be a lightening rod for bad luck. The kind of bad luck that causes worldwide disasters and wars. But, unfortunately for them, Mercer has a knack for fighting through problems and winning.

Mercer is fishing off the Alaska coast, when he and his friends find a derelict boat with three corpses. They call the coast guard and think that is the end of it. How wrong they proved to be.

This is the first clue in an international conspiracy that ties a rebel Arab oil minister, an multi-billionaire oil magnate, a loose cannon ex-KGB agent and a rabid eco-terrorist group.

Ivan Kerikov is the ex-KGB operative who has stolen cold war plans to disrupt the oil pipeline in Alaska. He sells his knowledge to a cabal of Arabs who want to bring America to its knees and bring them into power in the Gulf of Arabia. Kerikov has the plans for Charon's Landing, an old Soviet sleeper plot that has been forgotten by the Russians.

They dupe PEAL, a fringe eco-terrorist group, into attacking the oil line. At the same time, the cabal plans to crash an VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) into the West Coast. The combined ecological disaster will shut the oil exploration and drilling in Alaska down, forcing America to turn to the Arab world for oil.

At the same time Iran, Iraq and a rogue United Arab Emirates oil minister are going to invade the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and bombard Israel with chemical and biological weapons. If the US cannot stop them in time, they will control almost all of the world's oil. This would force America and Europe to accede to the new situation.

But none of them counted on Phillip Mercer. After a botched assassination attempt, Mercer is thrown onto the chase. Mercer has a special operations background and is as tough as nails. He is also a take charge, no-nonsense kind of guy. He is ruthless in his pursuit of the enemy. With the help of Aggie Johnston, the daughter of the oil magnate who is invovled with the Arabs, he is tracking the terrorists as they seek to destroy the US economy.

The action in this book is great, the scenes leap off the page. I love the characters Du Brul has created. A story in the vein of Indiana Jones, it is a must read for adventure fans.

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Anonymous said...

Who has this one on the shelf Ron? Sounds like a great read. Good review too.