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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Exit to Eden by Anne Rice

Open even the first page of this book, and you may find yourself checking around to be sure no one is watching you read it. Like all of Anne Rice's books, the level of sensuality in this book is extreme. This book tells of a forbidden love between Master and Slave, and their forbidden sadomasochistic affairs from behind closed doors. This story is set in modern times, the location is a hideaway island out in the ocean where The Club lay. The Club is a vacation getaway where for a price you can own your very own sex slave to do your wildest requests. Lisa, the main character of the book, is one of the creators of The Club, and one of the best trainers of the new slaves. The slaves are regular people that submit to a contract for any length of time and come to the island with pay to submit to the lowliness and bondage of a sex slave. Elliot, one of the new slaves, happens to be picked by Lisa to be trained. However, a spark occurs between them and Lisa spirits him away from the island (which is never done), and what follows is a tale of two people falling in love, and trying to flee the ever watchful eye of The Club.
Okay, the beginning of the book tells quite frankly about sadomasochism, but the overall story line is two 'outcasts' making their way through a world of loneliness and finding each other. I really liked the book, and in fact, I own it.
Other books by Anne Rice that are similar are the Sleeping Beauty Chronicles.


Kahnee said...

I have read the first two sleeping beauty books... OHMYGOSH! I guess they were pretty good. I just wish they had a story to go with all of that sex.

Ron Simpson said...

We have the third one if you want to borrow it. Brandy loved the series.