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Friday, April 6, 2007

Truly, Madly Viking by Sandra Hill

Image Hosted by The story line in this novel was far fetched. Jorund Ericsson is a viking warrior from the 9th century. He makes a trip through time on the back of a Killer Whale whom he amazingly is able to communicate with through telepathy that he didn't know he had. He ends up in modern day Texas at a marine park (like Sea World), and promptly lands himself a spot in a psychiatric hospital.

Don't pass judgment on this story just yet. The author, Sandra Hill, has amazing talents that you won't get to see if you don't pick this book up and give it a read. She manages to do what many wouldn't even attempt to pull off. She makes the unbelievable something a person can believe in. The main characters are soon as unforgettable as the story line simply for the originality while remaining very human and true to life. They are witty, smart, and passionate. Their lives are a whirlwind of sorrow, love, and joy, and all is painted in words that will etch the scene into your mind. The secondary characters aren't as secondary as one would think either. They are just as memorable, with just as much life, and play an important role throughout the book.

This book caught my attention after reading the blurb about it on the back. I picked it up because I just had to see how an author would try and pull off a story line such as this one. I was completely impressed. Ms. Hill captivated me with her amazing character development immediately. She further surprised me with her sensual scenes, emotional trials, and complete understanding of human nature. I am so glad that this is not a novel I passed up.

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