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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Honored Enemy by Raymond E. Feist and William R. Forstchen

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Book One of Legends of the Riftwar

This book is a side story to Feist’s breakout Riftwar series. If you are looking for another installment of the epic series, you will be disappointed. It is a stand alone story set in the mythology of Midkemia. But this should not deter you from reading the story. It is a spectacular read. The collaboration between the two authors is obvious as the style of the story is very different from Feist’s other books.

It takes place in the far north of the Kingdom of the Isles territory where the invading Empire of Tsuranuani has gained a foothold. The Riftwar has been dragging on for over 8 eight years.

The story revolves around two commanders. Dennis Hartraft is a Kingdom Squire. He is a ruthless warrior fighting for revenge as much as for defense of the realm. His group of Marauders operates independently from the main army. They range far behind the enemy lines, attacking the enemies less defended rear areas.

Force Commander Asayaga is a warrior from a minor house in the Empire. He has been on Midkemia for the entire war and is getting worn out from a war he is increasingly against. His dissatisfaction with the leadership and politics of the Empire is starting to show.

The two forces are set to attack each other when they are faced with a mutual threat. The Moredehl, the evil elves of Midkemia, are on the move and attacking mankind in force. While the two human forces are starting to engage one another, the Moredehl attack, forcing the humans into unfamiliar mountains.

The two human leaders are forced to work together, setting aside nine years of hatred and enmity, for their forces to survive.

After days of pursuit, the two enemy forces manage to set aside their differences and learn to fight as a unit. The leaders learn to respect and admire each other, using the strengths and weaknesses of each force to forge an efficient fighting force. But will it be enough to defeat the evil elves and return back to their war?

Honored Enemy spins a wonderful story, highlighting the differences between the humans of Midkemia and Kelewan as well as showing the Moredehl society. It is a good read, with gripping action and wonderful scenes. Feist’s characters are as good as ever. I am looking towards book two.