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Sunday, April 15, 2007

On Call in Hell ~ CDR Richard Jadick

In November of 2004, the Marines engaged in the Second Battle of Fallujah ~ one of the bloodiest battles in the Iraq War.

CDR Richard Jadick volunteered to be there. He had served as a Marine officer after college, left the Corps, gone to medical school and was in the Navy. He volunteered to deploy with the 1/8 on their tour to Iraq.

When the battle of Fallujah began, he realized that he had to get medical treatment to the Marines and Soldiers sooner than the transport back to the hospitals allowed. He moved forward and established an Forward Aid Station. The FAS was in the midst of the fighting.

For eleven days, CDR Jadick and his Corpsmen tended to the wounded, stabilizing them before sending them on the journey back to the hospital. He was awarded the Bronze Star with V for Valor for the remarkable job he did. He considers it a unit commendation for all of those who were involved.

This book reads like a novel. CDR Jadick tells his story 'warts and all'. This book may be the closest I ever get to combat, but I feel the combat surround me.

This is an exceptional story of the Second Battle of Fallujah and those who tended to the fallen Americans and Iraqis.

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Ron Simpson said...

i will have to go pick this one up.