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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Destruction of the Books by Mel Odom

The sequel to The Rover takes place many years after Wick’s adventures. Wick is now the Grandmagister of the Vault of All Known Knowledge. The story centers around Juhg, Grandmagister Wick’s personally selected Third Level Librarian.

Juhg is on the trading/pirate ship, Windchaser, where he and the crew clash with a goblinkin ship. But there is rumor that there is a book on the ship. Driven by his creed of saving books at all costs, Juhg and his friend, Raisho, get the book past many nasty goblinkin. Upon returning the book to the Vault of All Known Knowledge and examining the magic of the book, Wick, Craugh the Wizard and Juhg unknowingly alert evil to Greydawn Moors. The location of the Vault of All Known Knowledge is no longer secret. The evil attack that follows is costly for the inhabitants of Greydawn Moors and the Library.

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