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Friday, March 9, 2007

Rogue Angel: Destiny by Alex Archer

Annja Creed is an archeologist with a problem. She is broke. She takes a job as a reporter for a cable TV archeological tabloid show called Chasing Histories Monsters . Her income helps to support her serious archeology work. She is the only person associated with the show that takes the history seriously. She is a professional and is disappointed that the others involved with the show are not.

The book starts off in France where she is searching La BĂȘte, a local mythological creature responsible for many deaths in the late 1600s. The book starts off with a great action sequence that introduces her main antagonist for this story, a vicious criminal named LeSauvage, who for his own reasons is searching for the monster.

Annja is a scrapper, and has been her entire life. She grew up in a Catholic orphanage in New Orleans. Her life has been a series of tests that have tempered her character into someone that you have to respect. A comparison may be made between her and Lara Croft, but I think that Alex's development of her intellect, drive and passion put her well above the level of the video game vixen.

In the course of finding the remains on La BĂȘte, she finds a mysterious medallion which holds the keys to several mysteries. Not only does LeSauvage want it, but so does a secret order of the Catholic church and the mysterious characters, Roux and Garin.

Ultimately Roux and Garin are instrumental in Annja gaining the Sword of Joan of Arc. The sword is a focal point for mystical or holy energies that allow Annja to become a hero. Roux is of the opinion that she was chosen by God to be an instrument of change, to defend weak and right the wrongs of the persecuted. The sword definately imbues her with power. She is faster and stronger, a true warrior.

I do not want to ruin the book for readers. It is a good read. Alex writes a fast paced book, woven throughout with interesting facts and places. The characters are wonderful, the bad guy is really bad and the hero is pure. I like that. After reading the book, I just have one request. I want more of Garin. His character was the most intriguing of them all.

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