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Monday, March 12, 2007

Iron Tigers by Michael Farmer

After the events in Tin Soldiers, the new Iraqi government is a friend and ally to the US. The political ground in the Middle East has shifted, with the Saudi government distancing themselves from Americas political sphere to ally themselves with Russia.

The Russian government has turned hardline again and is looking to expand their sphere of influence. The Saudis, having lost prestige and power with the new Iraqi regime taking center stage in OPEC and the Middle East, are desperate to regain their former position. It is an alliance destined to take that part of the world into the flames of war.

The same cast of characters are back for this book, with the addition of a few new people. Most interesting is Rolf Krieger, an East German immigrant with a burning hatred of Russia and Phantom, a Jack Russell Terrier, that has fight and spunk. His story is an integral part of the book.

Yet again the tactics and story are sound and enjoyable. The pacing is fast and the action hard hitting. Another good read for fans of military fiction.

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