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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rogue Angel: The Spider Stone by Alex Archer

In a part of the Underground Railroad, a mystery has been uncovered…one dating back to the before the Civil War. The remains of several slaves have been found. But archeologist Annja Creed discovers that these aren’t just any slaves. She finds the Spider Stone, an artifact that reveals the existence of an olden African people…and possibly even a treasure!

Annja Creed is a woman’s rendering of Indiana Jones, but with a twist. She’s the possessor of the mystical sword of Joan of Arc. She has been called to investigate the mystery of the slaves that were left behind to die under a building in rural, northern Georgia. With her discovery of the Spider Stone, all hell breaks loose around the site and she is forced to call upon her skills of the Sword to defend herself and her colleagues.

Meanwhile, a violent African warlord is also interested in the Spider Stone. He is aware of its revived existence and the possibility of treasure to be found by deciphering the inscription on the Stone. So, as Annja’s investigation leads her across the Atlantic to Senegal, the action spirals upward as good and evil collide.

The Spider Stone is a fast and furious read with lots of action. Women kicking butt and taking names…It doesn’t get any more fun that that!

The reader is also treated to a historical education. In The Spider Stone, we learn much about the slave trade between Africa and North America and some of the realities that these unfortunate souls were forced to endure.

The Spider Stone is the third book in the Rogue Angel series, featuring Annja Creed as archeologist and the bearer of Joan of Arc’s sword.