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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tin Solders by Michael Farmer

Mr Farmer's first foray into military fiction is a fast paced enjoying read. Although the events of the past few years have rendered the plot premise obsolete, for the time it was written it was plausible and possible.

The events depicted within the book lead to another war with Iraq, although this time Saddam Hussein has been replaced by another leader and he has forged an alliance with Iran. The US forces in theatre must take on the might of a reorganized and rearmed Iraqi army. The US forces are outnumbered, out gunned and far from friendly support.

The American reinforced heavy armored brigade must fight to keep the Iraqi army from taking over Kuwait and potentially threatening Saudi Arabia. Which, to the US is one of the "very bad things" that could happen.

Mr Farmer tells a good tale, with the technical details being spot on. The weapons and tactics are believable and in the battles he writes, Americans fail and die, which makes it more believable. I enjoyed the book enough to by the sequel.

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