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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quest for the Trilogy by Mel Odom

With the fourth book in his Rover series, Mel has done what few authors have done, hooked me on a fantasy world. Yet again, Mel weaves a compelling tale of fantasy and adventure full of wonderful characters. The story has two parts, Jugh in the present and Second Level Librarian, Wick in the past.

Juhg is now the Grandmagister of the Vault of All Known Knowledge. He is trying to reintroduce books and reading to the world. His passion to bring this knowledge is supported by his best friend, Raisho, and his most powerful ally, the wizard Craugh. The story opens with Juhg meeting a diverse group of humans, elves and dwarves on the mainland. He is asking for help to establish the schools and libraries on the mainland. He is met with both resistance by some and open interest by others.

Juhg is attacked by bogbeasts, a new type of enemy, and launched into another quest. Craugh has recruited him to finish a quest started years before by Jugh's mentor, Wick. The evil of Lord Kharrion has not passed. Kharrion's diabolical ambitions infected the world and still fester to this day. Someone betrayed the Unity at the last battle, and that betrayal has stained relations between the races ever since. For a thousand years, the Dwarven leader Oskarr has been blamed for the betrayal and his descendents have lived with that burden. Wick left three books hidden throughout the lands for Juhg to find and finally put the past to rest.

Wick's story is told in flashbacks and starts with Wick being shanghaied, again, by Craugh and the dwarven pirate crew of the One Eyed Peggy. Craugh needs Wick to help him find and defeat Kharrion's last weapon. To do so he must recover three magical weapons lost for a thousand years and finally solve the mystery of who betrayed the Unity.

Boneslicer is a magical battle axe imbued with the power of the Earth. Mastersmith Oskarr created it and the other weapons. He eventually discovered it was cursed at the last battle and was coveted by Kharrion. He hid it to keep Kharrion from using it as part of his great weapon.

Seaspray was a great magical weapon Oskarr created with Boneslicer. Wielded by the great human hero, Captain Duluan, it is imbued with the power of the Seas. It was lost at the last battle to the goblinkin, but later stolen back and hidden by one of Duluan's heirs.

Deathwhisper was the third weapon Oskarr crafted and is the great magical bow of Sokadir, Prince of the Elves. He is the last surviving hero and still has his bow. Deathwhisper has the power of the storms. Each hit is like lighting bolt. Sokadir has left the world of elves in grief over the loss of his sons at the last battle. He is haunted by the betrayal.

Wick must recover the magical weapons and reunite them to defeat Kharrion's Wrath. With the help of Craugh, Brandt and his band of thieves, the crew of the One Eyed Peggy and some not-so-helpful talking animals Wick finds the missing weapons and defeats Kharrion's Wrath. But he cannot put the mystery of the betrayal to rest. That task is left to Jugh, his apprentice and successor as Grandmagister.

Wick left Jugh three journals, hidden for safekeeping. These journals hold the evidence of who actually betrayed the Unity a thousand years ago and how that person could destroy the future Wick, Jugh and the rest have fought so hard to bring about. Juhg and Craugh must defeat the last remnant of Lord Kharrion's evil if the races are ever to rebuild the Unity and defeat the evil goblinkin.


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Anonymous said...

Cool beans!
I just started on Quest last night after finishing Lord of the Libraries.