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Friday, March 9, 2007

Lord of the Libraries by Mel Odom

Lord of the Libraries finishes the story begun in the Rover and Destruction of the Books. Be prepared for some surprising plot twists as Mel fills you in on the real story behind the wars to destroy the old world and all the libraries.

It finishes the story in grand fashion. Juhg defies the typical dweller stereotype and becomes a true hero, finding the four pieces to the Book of Time and rescuing Wick. Juhg fulfills his destiny to bring reading, writing and books back to the world, allowing the races to break out of the stagnant rut they had been in for thousands of years.

This is a much more mature book than the Rover. It has a darker feel to it, but it is also much more interesting and compelling. I had a hard time putting it down. Yet again, Mel's characters and world are rich and vibrant and his story telling superb. A must read for fantasy lovers.


Anonymous said...

If you could recommend a book or series for fantasy for a person who has never read fantasy, what would suggest. I want to get a good fantasy series but I want to start from the first book.

Ron Simpson said...

hmmm. I would recommend for adults starting with Legend by David Gemmell. All of his Drenai Tales series are top notch. For young readers Chronicles of Narnia is obvious, but Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander are good too.