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Friday, March 9, 2007

The Destruction of the Books by Mel Odom

The Destruction of the Books takes place many years after the Rover, with Wick as a supporting character. Mel puts Juhg, Wick's apprentice as the main character, with a rich supporting cast. Wick is a Dweller from the Island of Greydawn Moors, where the Dwellers are kept safe, along with the Vault of All Known Knowledge. Jugh was a slave in the Goblin's mines on the mainland. Since this book is told through Juhg's eyes, the world is a very different place.

Where the Rover was quite a bit more light hearted, the story here is more dark and foreboding. Mel's story telling is top form, his world is told in rich, broad strokes, filling in the details necessary to the story, but leaving much of it to the reader's imagination. An important note is that Mel has intentionally left off a map of this world. He wants you to use your imagination.

The Rover was young adults book. The Destruction of the Books is more mature. It deals with many issues that are darker and grimmer. The sociological points brought up in the story are well thought out and surprised me at the depth they impact the world and its history.
There is less action in this book as opposed to the Rover, but it is important to set up for the next book, Lord of the Libraries.

I enjoyed the book. It had a good balance of all the parts, good flow, and as always with Mel's books, great characters.

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