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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Rover by Mel Odom

This is the book that started the Dweller adventures...

In Greydawn Moors stands a library tended by Wick, a Dweller. A halfer. He dreams of adventures that he has read about in the books in this library, The Vault of All Known Knowledge. His silly imaginings come to life as he is captured, while on an errand, and taken aboard a pirate ship. From there, his very real adventures become wilder and more dangerous, seemingly by the minute.

Being a timid Dweller, Wick is blown like a leaf in the wind from pirate ship to slavery; from one unsavory company to the next. He learns quickly that his knowledge gained from being a Third Level Librarian actually can make a difference in the cruel world he lives in. Wee Wick must prove his worth in knowledge and quick thinking to evade evil and fight humans, goblinkin and even a dragon.

The Rover a magical tale of the adventures of a halfer that discovers that some of those objectionable “professionals”, like pirates and thieves, may actually be a help to certain parts of his world. Just because they do seemingly dirty deeds and sometimes kill as a part of their day doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing a favor to society.

It’s always fun to see pirate speech on paper, and this is no exception. I just want to yell, “AARRRGGHH!!”.

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